Pulse in her neck. A faint throb

His last visit to the old specter, and that night would've been perfect. That all went to shit when Dad caught him sneaking out of his window. By the time the beating finished, Josh couldn't move, his muscles reduced to useless slabs of mass. This morning, his headache roared. He hurt all over, and he had this sense like he was forgetting something. Some task he'd meant to do teased along his frayed memory, but for the life of him he couldn't recall it. And then Kevin! Little bastard locked himself in the bathroom just to make Josh late. By the time Josh had finally picked the lock on the bathroom door and dragged his little brother out to discover he'd also let google the hot water run out, Josh had given up on taking a shower. For the first half of the day, Josh suffered, unable to block out the disgusted emotions of his classmates. He knew he stank, but nothing he did helped. He was a teenage boy that needed a shower. That was all. If it wasn't for his problem with showering in public, he'd have just used the gym showers. To be naked in front of others... Just considering it made him shudder. As he exchanged his books out for fifth period, an intense emotion he cataloged as predatory pierced through his wall. Like a rodent in the shadow of a falcon overhead, Josh shot his head around him as he looked up one direction of the hall, then down the other. There, down a bit, a boy buy twitter followers about twelve weaved through the crowd and passed Bryan. His entourage nudged him and pointed, like a rhino and his little birds. Bryan had taken notice, a wolfish glare in his eye. Hey, a small female voice said from his right as he watched the boy. The fabric of his sweatshirt's hood blocked his peripheral vision so he couldn't have seen who spoke, even if he had heard her. With an effort, Josh recalled who the small kid was. Old Sac High didn't cater to the junior high ages, but he'd heard he was a twitter genius they let skip a bunch of grades, or something. Josh had only seen him a few times. They said he'd been homeschooled with private tutors, and his parents let him take a few of the classes at Old Sac for social reasons. I saw what you did at the restaurant, with the tips, I mean. You really made her day... the small voice said. Bryan stalked the boy down the hall, and Josh felt the jealousy for the kid's intelligence. He couldn't possibly be so depraved, could he? Bryan was an angry, mean, , but could he be capable of preying on someone so young? The boy was half Josh's size! The boy walked into the bathroom, oblivious to the danger, with Bryan and friends hot on his trail. Seconds later, the previous occupants of the bathroom fled the scene with buy twitter followers their heads down, pretending to be unaware of what was about to happen. Josh's headache thrummed as nervous energy charged through his system. Nobody in the hall saw what was about to go down, or if they did, they did nothing to show it. No one would buy twitter followers do anything. No twitter one had helped Josh. Only Mr. Thebe had ever saved him, and buy twitter followers even that had only been a buy twitter followers handful of times. Josh clenched his jaw as the slow burn of his temper turned into a bonfire. The same thing was about to happen to an innocent kid whose only crime was intelligence.